Æther is a project that was born in Bogota, Colombia, and from the beginning, our goal has been to reach the whole world, specifically the urban community, highlighting comfortable and high-quality garments. Our clothes, manufactured in Colombia, offer the world products that reflect the dedication and love invested in this brand, rescuing all the positive aspects that we have to offer to our Latin community and to our communities around the world, without barriers of countries or languages, promoting creativity, confidence, and style. We want to create a safe space for you where you can feel identified. As Latinos, we want to transform and generate recognition for our Latin culture by carrying a great commitment and quality in our products.

The illustrations from great Latin artists beyond this dimension accompany our designs, giving them that space touch. We seek to innovate and get closer to you, exceeding expectations and guiding ourselves through our universe.

We want to provide a pleasant experience, prioritize in garments with high quality and style .

To be recognized as an innovative brand, with social and environmental awareness that go for contribute to build a better world.

What does AETHER symbolize for our brand? 

The Ether is the soul of the universe , all energy flows through it and is found in the space where the celestial bodies live. We look for symbolize the here and the there; the present and the life after life, the universe with its duality. Reflecting with our designs the intangible, what is beyond our eyes, adopted to any activity we do in our daily lives .

What projections are we looking for? 

We seek to reach many people, who feel part of our brand and everything we offer as a community, delivering comfortable and superior quality garments.